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  For two months the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) is the place to be for concerts, dance performances, video art, debates and theatre. The events will take place in and around an installation specially designed for the NAi by Wiel Arets Architects.
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  Sat 1 March 20.00 Opening Museum Night ConClub
  Sun 2 March 16.00 Cool Media Hot Talkshow on city life I Debate Cool Media Hot Talkshow
Urban Rescue: creativity and beyond
  Fri 7 March 20.30 Patterns of Common Understanding Performance Codarts
Multimedia performance by Michal Osowski (composer/live electronics performer), Emilio Espinosa (visual artist/ real-time video performer) and Wieland Moeler (drummer/percussionist)
  Sat 8 March 20.30 Against Architecture Dance Bruno Listopad
  Sun 9 March 15.00 Capitalism! Bring it on again - phase 2 Performance International Festival
International Festival invites you to the European premiere screening of their first full-length film, shot and realized in New York. The recreation of Stanley Donen's and Gene Kelly's 1949 musical "On The Town" collapses borders between tourist footage and the production of space through cinema, between the utopian city and corporate urban contexts, between Hollywood and pro-active D.I.Y. International Festival: "On The Town" is a musical for your imagination, cinema that makes music in your mouth.

The screenings will be accompanied with introductions by International Festival recalling crack-ups from the set in New York, free popcorn and refreshments.

Tor Lindstrand
Marten Spangberg

When and where?
Sunday 6 april, 17.00 hrs
  Sun 9 March 20.30 Les Sylphides - work in progress Dance Dansateliers
Dance performance by Nicole Beutler
  Thu 13 March 14.00 Rotterdam Mooier Dan! Presentation BKB

During the finals of the designcompetition the students present their project, which will be judged by a jury. Minister Ella Vogelaar will nominate the prizewinners. Presented by John Buijsman, born in Rotterdam and well known from the Gamma campaign.

Thursday March 13th
14:15 – 17:00 hrs
Language: Dutch
Free entrance
  Thu 13 March 22.00 James Benning Trilogy: California 1 Film Worm
El Valley Centro
James Benning 1999, USA, 16mm, 91 min

Tranquil in pacing but confrontational in subject, ‘El Valley Centro’ is a 16mm portrait of California's Grand Central Valley. This area provides food for a quarter of the United States and is primarily shaped by this agricultural mass production. Indeed, the percentage of farm land one sees in the film corresponds directly with the percentage of land used for farming in the valley.
After making ‘El Valley Central’ in 1999, Benning decided that the film needed two counterparts: ‘Los’ (2000) depicting urban life and ‘Sogobi’ (2002) depicting wilderness. The films will screen in series during WORM's Gentle Vacation beginning at the NAI (March 13 and 20) and concluding their run on March 27 at Achterhaven 148, Rotterdam.

James Benning
Since the early 1970s, James Benning has produced category defying films, exploring the relationship between image, text and sound - vernacular landscapes, masterfully interweaving aesthetics and politics. They're films that rely on a pro-active audience with “an active eye, an active ear to listen and an active mind to draw conclusions” but is nevertheless open enough “to bring in some of their own narratives”. So if you're in the middle of the film and you start thinking “I have to do my laundry tomorrow”, that too becomes part of the film.

Thursday March 13, 22.00 uur
Language: English
Entrance: 5 euro
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  Fri 14 March 21.00 Hotel Mozambique Music Worm
DJ Mutamassik
The Egyptian musician/dj Mutamassik is a pioneer of Sa'aidi Hardcore & Baladi Breakbeats. In other words: Afro-Asian Roots mixed with phat hiphop, hardstep and breakbeat basses. She can be considered as the female link in the chain between Rupture, Filastine en Maga Bo; performers who incorporate traditional indigenous elements from (North) Africa and the Middle East in their modern dance music. Mutamassik's music has appeared on dj /Rupture's Soot Records and on the Sound-ink label (Team Shadetek, High Priest, etc.). Together with Morgan Craft, Mutamassik is 'Rough Americana': “21st century electric black improvisation, Afro-Asiatic roots & technology music, real-time soundtracks, music to incite/insight.”

Featuring highlights from the International Film Festival of Uganda.

Friday March 14, 21.00 uur
Entrance: 7 euro
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  Sat 15 March 22.00 Lowriders Music Worm
‘Lowriders’ is taking the bass all the way down and seeking it carefully and selectively in all hidden musical corners. ‘Lowriders’ loves a good challenge as well as a good provocation and never settles for the easy way. VUIG, Dstruct, SIM-central and WORM present the lowest of the lowest.

ANSTAM (Denmark) [Anstam/Hardwax]
CANE (Netherlands) [Marguerita/Colony/Warp]
RED ELIPHANT (Netherlands) [Dosis Decibel]
SWEAT.X (South Africa) [Citinite]

NICON (Netherlands) [Subway]
RUWEDATA (Netherlands) [Lowriders/Bassklap/Dstruct]
BEATNOLOGIC (Netherlands) [Lowriders/Tic Toc]
CO2RO (Netherlands) [Lowriders/Vuig/Nocturnal State]

As usual the visual atmosphere will be passionately brought to you by our own house master of light displays: Co2Ro.

Saturday March 15, 22.00 hrs
Entrance: 8 euro
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  Sun 16 March 21.00 Guy Ben-Ner Presentation Worm
Although shot at home and usually with his children, Ben-Ner's films are far from home videos. They are sequences of carefully planned scenes, each film is in fact preceded by copious storyboard drawings. The interest in the works of the mid-1960 and early 1970s’ body artists such as Bruce Nauman, Vito Acconci, and Dennis Oppenheim, and the fascination with filmic situations in which the director, the cameraman, the leading actor and the stuntman are all one and the same, led Ben-Ner to deepen his interest in the early films of Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, and specially Buster Keaton. The work of these pioneer filmmakers, in fact, influenced his films in different ways. “Especially significant for Ben-Ner were Keaton's accounts of his family life as a child, reflecting a total blurring of the boundaries between professional and private life, between the "home" and the "stage”.” (quote: Sergio Edelsztein)

Sunday March 16, 21.00 hrs
Entrance: 5 euro
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  Fri 21 March 22.00 Overtollig Vet #1 Music
Not only from across the borders, but also here in the Netherlands, we’ve been witnessing for quite some time now a new wave of often self-schooled knob-twisters and experienced improv ensembles bringing abstract music and sound art. The murdochspace profiles on the web are growing like fungus on damp soil. Unadulterated experimental misfit music will always remain proportionally unpopular. Nevertheless WORM still wishes to present fortified new talent in a festive vein, so hereby they launch 'Overtollig Vet' ('Excess Fat').

De Haan/Spruit (NL)
Kasper van Hoek (NL)
The Subliminal Drape (NL)
Osowski/Almeida/Moeller Collective (NL)
Crank Sturgeon (US)

When and where?
Thursday March 21, 22.00 hrs
Language: English
Entrance: 6 euro
  Thu 20 March 22.00 James Benning Trilogy: California 2 Film Worm
American filmmaker James Benning in focus
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  Fri 21 March 20.30 Bram van Sambeek en Daria van den Bercken Music Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest
The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring Bram van Sambeek (bassoon) and Daria van den Bercken (piano)
  Fri 21 March 22.00 Overtollig Vet #1 Music Worm
New movements in artistic home-engeenering, improvised expression and bold contemporary music (co-production with RPhO)
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  Thu 20 March 23.00 BLOCKBEATZ + WURM Danceclub NOW&WOW // AZIZZI + Worm
Bloedvers initiatief van Shitmeister T aka Ted Langenbach en Azizzi. Blockbeatz is een metafoor van de harde steen geworden stad waarin tijdloze en verse creatieve geestverwanten uit rock, pop, dance, kunst, mode, design en architectuur elkaar gaan uitdagen. Deze curators zullen hiervoor de enorme installatie van Wiel Arets Architects gebruiken als verbindingspodium. Hierop zullen hedendaagse muziekstromingen elkaar ontmoeten. De digitale artiest, de onafhankelijk artiest, de plug-in artiest, de anti-fashion artiest, de eigenzinnige artiest en de actie-reactie artiest.

WURM - 100 jahre deutsche tanzmusik
Op deze spectaculaire 'Gesamtsklub night' tracteert WORM in de WURM-zimmer de stad Rotterdam op een onvervalst avondje Duitse muziek. We herschrijven de geschiedenis met dj Shoppenhauer, dj Niezscher en dj (zelf)Kant. Zeg niet dat je het niet hebt geweten, want alles komt aan bod. Of ben jij zo'n onvervalste negationiste anglofiele clubber?

Waar en wanneer?
Zaterdag 22 maart, 23.00 uur
Toegang: 12 euro (10 euro in de voorverkoop)
  Sun 23 March 17.00 Memory happens now Dance Dansateliers
“The now is spacious, like an incompressible cloud. The now is like a globe that moves and thus leaves a trail behind ... an indication of memories that will shape our future”. (Inspired by: “Machine/Times”: ‘The deep now’ by Francisco Varela.)

Modern dance
‘Memory happens now’ is the modern dance performance by the choreographer Liat Waysbort with live music by Thanos Polymeneas and Alberto Novello. During the performance, the audience will walk through and around the architecture installation by Wiel Arets Architects with the dancers Ido Feder, Sara Wiktorowicz, Itamar Sahar and Roger Sala Reyner. The performance has been created in collaboration with the Rotterdam dance workshop Dansateliers. Dansateliers offers talented choreographers the opportunity to carry out research, develop a signature of their own, collaborate with artists from other disciplines, and engage in dialogue with the audience.

When and where?
Sunday, March 23 , 17.00 hrs
Admission: 8 euro
  Sun 23 March 20.30 Toen wij van Rotterdam vertrokken Debate Worm
Total-show about the creative minds of Rotterdam either exiled or gentrified out of choice or necessity. Featuring many revelations and confessions, painful stories and several recent cancellations. An evening about policy, spearheads, creativity and the present-day bible: 'The rise of the creative class' by American scholar Richard Florida. So don’t expect a municipal development evening with all kinds of claimed success stories and business plans and glowering sloganology, marketing catch-wordiness and other violent flexing of muscles. But instead: personal documents, open-heartedness and immeasurable entities. Don’t count, but feel, is the motto of this evening.

When and where?
Sunday 23 March, 20.30 hrs
Language: Dutch
Entrance: free
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  Thu 27 March 20.00 Contrapolis -or Creativity and Enclosure in the Cities Debate Jan van Eyck Academie
As part of the Contrapolis symposium organised in collaboration with the Jan van Eyck Academy and the Poortgebouw, a public debate will take place in the NAi. Subject to the debate will be: ‘How is the contemporary urban experience defined, limited and transfigured by the creative city’ policies and the ’experience economy’?’

Public debate
Is there a distinction to be made between creativity’ of capital and the inhabitants of the cities who are discounted , or resist, the re-packaging of global cities as sites of elite consumption, mobility and security. The public debate will address these and other related themes, such as privatisation of social housing, public space praxis, community action, the Olympics.

Penalists will include: Pier Vittorio Aureli(Berlage Instituut), Anthony Iles (Mute Magazine), Damon Rich (Center for Urban Pedagogy). Moderator : Daniel van der Velden.

Contrapolis is organised in collaboration with the Jan van Eyck Academy and the Poortgebouw. For more informatie on Controplis and the events taking place on other locations, 26 and 27 March please see:

Where & when?
NAI Rotterdam
Thursday March 27, 2008
20.00 hrs
  Fri 28 March 20.30 Against Architecture Dance Bruno Listopad
Dance performance by Bruno Listopad
  Fri 4 April 20.00 Unsolicited Architecture Debate Archis + Zus
Lecture discussing the concept of ‘Unsolicited Architecture’, an idea articulated by Ole Bouman in Volume Magazine. In the last issue of Volume this idea accelerates into a new dimension of existing practice by establishing the Office of Unsolicited architecture. In collaboration with Archis and ZUS.

Role of the architect
The Office for Unsolicited Architecture (OUA) sets out to redefine to role of the architect in the building process. ‘Time has come to no longer respond to questions of others, but for the architect to pose them him/herself. Not to design as solicited by clients, sites or budget but to explore opportunities to which architecture can come to the rescue, but nobody has thought of yet.’ Ole Bouman articulated the idea of 'Unsolicited Architecture' in Volume. In the last issue of Volume this idea accelerates into a new dimension of existing practice by establishing the Office of Unsolicited architecture.

Where & when?
Friday 4 April 2008, 20.00 hrs
Language: English
Admission: 5 euro

Debate in collaboration with ZUS and Arjen Oosterman (Archis).
  Sat 5 April 21.00 Stöma & Guests Music NightTown on tour
The Rotterdam formation Stöma presents the new CD ‘Boe!’. On this second album, the idiosyncratic duo Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva and Wouter van Wijk once again explore their musical limits, balancing between punk, funk and improvisation. Armed with just a bass guitar, drums and the appropriate effects, Stöma is bound to be a dynamic and exceptionally intense live experience. Stöma hosts a number of musical guest appearances specially for the event, including guest artists invited by the equally idiosyncratic Tocado label.

Saturday April 5, 21.00 hrs
Admission: free
  Sun 6 April 15.00 Capitalism! Bring it on again - phase 2 Performance International Festival
The Swedish collective International Festival will be giving workshops for 15 architecture students from Stockholm from Tuesday 1 April to Saturday 5 April. The workshops establish connections between architecture and performance art. The starting point is the relation between architecture and clothing, suits, haute couture, etc. The results will be presented to the public at 15.00 hrs on Sunday 6 April.

Sunday, 6 April, 15.00 hrs
Language: English
Admission: NAI entrance charge
Reservations: not necessary
  Thu 10 April 20.00 Motel Mozaïque Festival Motel Mozaïque
Sleep in a sanatorium or hospital, dance till you drop, visit a home for the dying. The arts festival Motel Mozaique ( organises from 10 to 13 April under the motto Clinique Mozaique activities that link art, architecture, hospitality and health care to one another. The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) is the nerve centre of the festival. The kick-off of the festival will take place in the NAI, accompanied by musical performances, an art show and performances.

Thursday 10 April, 20.00 hrs
Language: Dutch
Admission: free
  Fri 11 April 22.00 Motel Mozaïque Festival Motel Mozaïque
Clinique Mozaique
Sleep in a sanatorium or hospital; This is your opportunity on Friday and Saturday night, 11 and 12 April, during the arts festival Motel Mozaique ( You can sleep in gallery 1 of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in an art installation made by Observatorium: a sanatorium consisting of a 100-person bed. The next morning breakfast will be served. From 10.00 hrs on you can join guided tours to the Hospice de Vier Vogels, home for the dying, and to the most unhealthy spots in Rotterdam, musical performances, lectures and discussions. The speakers include councillor Kaya, a former company doctor.

Friday night 11 April
Admission: sold out
  Sat 12 April 10.00 Motel Mozaïque Festival Motel Mozaïque
Clinique Mozaique
Saturday 12 April the arts festival Motel Mozaique ( will be in full swing. NAI is the nerve centre of the festival. From 10.00 hrs you can have your clothing silk-screened by Stefan Hoffman, from 11.00 hrs there are guided tours to the Hospice de Vier Vogels, home for the dying, and to the most unhealthy spots in Rotterdam, from 12.00-17.00 hrs there are lectures and discussions (the speakers include councillor Kaya, a former company doctor), and at 15.00 hrs there are musical performances.

Saturday night you can sleep again in gallery 1 of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in an art installation made by Observatorium: a sanatorium consisting of a 100-person bed.

Saturday 12 April, 10.00-17.00 hrs & night
  Sun 13 April 17.00 RottPod Music Frank van Berkel
19 Rotterdam musicians of various kinds, all sharing a love of jazz, present ROTT(erdam) POD(ium). Motto: i-pod off, Rottpod on! (
This is your chance to hear concerts in one evening by: Mr. Mangetout, New Niks, Kim Hoorweg, Artvark SQ, Jan van Duikeren and Bongomatic. New combinations will be made from this pool of musicians, there is a tombola, and the request of a well-known citizen of Rotterdam will be played. Presentation: John Buysman!

Sunday 13 April, 17.00-22.00 hrs
Entrance: 20 euro (snacks included)
Further information:
  Thu 17 April 20.00 Lecture Post-It City Lecture/Debat/symposium CCCB, Barcelona
The concept 'Post-It City' comes from Italian architect Giovanni La Varra and is used to characterise the temporal and different use of the public space. Together with Federico Zanfi and Filippo Poli, he will focuss on three main questions of contemporary public space.

The Italian architect Giovanni La Varra explains the concept of 'Post-It City' in his essay 'Post-It City: the other European public spaces, Mutations, 2001'. In this essay he investigates those urban phenomena reflecting a creative and self-organized solution to the increasingly pervasive and superficial offerings of collective spaces made today within public policies or by private real estate initiatives. Post-It City has the ability to build up, by the initiative of little communities, sites of public life that restore new freedom to public space. This would provide new work conditions for architects and planners. Public space will once more be a place for communal life.

Three questions on public space
The focus of this lecture will be on the three main characteristics of the contemporary public space. The first focuses on the change of public life from its traditional dynamic towards new conditions. In this discussion the term 'network' plays an important role and leads to the question: How is this reflected in public space? Secondly, they focus on the temporal character of the Post –It City phenomena. How can the use of public space affect or contribute to the creation of personal relations. Can architecture be entertainment? As third characteristic the term 'intensification' is introduced. Can the public space profit from intensive use by a wide diversity of activities?

Giovanni La Varra en Federico Zanfi, are both architects and both teach Urban Design in Milan, recently curated the exhibition Post-it City, together with Filippo Poli (Barcelona). This exhibition about temporary forms of public space and takes place at the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Comtemporania de Barcelona) until 25th may.

Where and when?
NAI Rotterdam
Thursday April 17
20.00 hrs
English spoken
Admission: € 5
  Fri 18 April 20.00 Sound Track Stage - The city through music and politics Film/music Wendelien van Oldenburgh
A short film in which the two musical styles gabber/hardcore and hiphop are being confronted has its premiere in HAPPENING. After the screening two invited speakers will open a discussion with the artist Wendelien van Oldenborgh, the protagonists and the audience.

In 2006, Wendelien van Oldenborgh organised a public film-shoot in museum Boijmans van Beuningen in which a.o. Paul Elstak, icon of the gabber hardcore scene and hiphop dj Mr Wix were challenged to present, discuss and play out their conflicting positions in music.

Gabber hardcore versus hiphop
Gabber/hardcore and hiphop are two musical styles, which represent diverse lifestyles and distinct positions within the urban space. These two musical styles are particularly present in the city of Rotterdam. They have, however, two quite different groups behind them: one of the many examples of conflicting elements, which make up the urban space. Without wishing to create a harmony of the various forms, a soundtrack of friction and connection was created. The complexity of symbols, gestures and signs became the material for this short film.

Friday 18 April, 20.00 hrs
Language: Dutch
Entrance: free
  Fri 18 April 22.00 INtrusioni Performance Codarts
INtrusioni is not a concert in the traditional sense of the word: you can’t sit down, at least not in an orderly row of seats. The doors of the hall are not closed when the concert starts. The house lights are not turned off and the spotlights are not turned on. And the score consists of electronically produced urban sounds that the Greek composer Thanos Polymeneas Liondiris refers to as "musique concrete".

The music is accompanied by movements that we perceive daily in the streets of the city, but which take on a different significance once they are performed by actors/dancers in a museum. It sounds fairly abstract on paper, so come and listen to it, see it and experience it yourself.

Concept and performance:
Thanos Polymeneas Liondiris

in collaboration with:
Alberto Novello
M. Eugenia Demeglio and crew

Friday 18 April, 22.00 hrs
Language: English
Admission: 5 euro
  Sat 19 April 20.00 A Night of Provisional Futures Debat/performance Europe Lost and Found
'A Night of Provisional Futures' has been set-up by Azra Aksamija, Bojana Cvejic, Ana Dzokic, Alenka Gregoric, Peter Lang, Marc Neelen and guests, as a part of the ongoing 'Lexicon for Provisional Futures'. The group comes from the fields of visual arts, performing arts, curation, theory and architecture. 'The Lexicon for Provisional Futures' seeks to encompass those terms and concepts that could redefine the European city and its urban culture, with an emphasis on thinking about the future "provisionally", with less utopianist grandiloquence. The Lexicon is part of umbrella project 'Europe Lost and Found', initiated through the Lost Highway Expedition in 2006.

The group of Lexicon for Provisional Futures has gone to some of the most significant places in the new Europe to see further into the future than many have yet been able to see. Together with you they will walk into the unknown, the fantastic, the commonplace!

What to expect?
Easel demonstrations, non-existing museums, provisional cars, nomadic mosques, always-to-be building sites, back to the future monuments, future telling and more improvised re-enactments.

What not to expect?
Super technology and digital effects, spaceships and orbiting space stations, monsters, Supermen, aliens and UFOs.
See for yourselves what a provisional future could look like right at the NAI!

Where & when?

Saturday 19 April, 20.00 hrs
Language: English
Entrance: 5 euro
  Sun 20 April 16.00 CANCELLED: Cool Media Hot Talkshow on city life III Debate Cool Media Hot Talkshow
The Cool Media Hot Talk Show in the NAI Rotterdam on April 20, 16.00 hrs, has been cancelled.
  Thu 24 April 20.20 Pecha Kucha Night Rotterdam Pitches Pecha Kucha
Pecha Kucha Night is an intimate gathering that offers everybody the chance to present fresh and creative work, ideas or concepts. This can be a newly finished building, a new piece of furniture, an ad campaign, a fashion line, a new event or any idea the world needs to know about.

20 seconds 20 slides and lots of beer
The Japanese term 'pecha kucha' can roughly be translated as chit-chat or irritating chatter. As a happy crossbreed between an elevator pitch and speed dating Pecha Kucha Night will present maximally 15 participants who will show 20 slides for twenty seconds each. No more boring lectures, seminars or presentations. Pecha Kucha Night offers you the experience of a dazzling range of speakers and images in the course of one evening. Presentations will be held in both Dutch and English. Breaks will be filled with drinks, music, images, and off course: pecha kucha!

In collaboration with HUNK-design en InfoBalie

Thursday 24 April, 20.20!!! hrs
Language: English and Dutch
Entrance: 5 euro (at the night of the event tickets can be bought at the door)
  Fri 25 April 22.00 Viva la Poze - Fasion, Music, Art Performance Pozerscene
Viva La Poze introduces you to the world high fashion, street fashion, electronic sounds, photography and video art. Dress up for the second edition of Viva La Poze on April 25 in the NAI.

Joost v. Bellen
Miss B-have and Wannabe a Star
Meneer broekje vol Mevrouw bloesje vol (Bas Kosters & Shirley Hart)
Ted Langebach
The Freshest Kidz
Artists: Nul Hoog and Venour

In collaboration with Pozerscene ( and SoSolid (

Where and When?
25 April 2008, 22.00 hrs
NAI, Gallery 1
Entrance: 12,- euro (pre sale 10,- euro)
  Sat 26 April 21.00 Metropolis presents Film/music NightTown on tour
The pop festival Metropolis, which takes place on July 6th in the Zuiderpark Rotterdam, presents the bands that are going to play on the festival. Metropolis teamed up with Rock ’n Roll Highschool and Live @ Nighttown to create an unforgettable night. The whole evening is hosted by jakhals Sjoerd (you might recognise him from the Dutch television show “De Wereld Draait Door”) and DJ Okkie is playing his tunes in between acts.
But that’s far from all what’s happening that night. During this evening the following acts will be performed:


Where & when?
Saturday 26 April, 21.00 hrs
Entrance: 9 euro (6 euro in presale)
  Sun 27 April 16.00 Village Kiosk Market Public Works & My Villages
Village Kiosk is a new international initiative by artist/architects of Public Works (London), the artist initiative and the commissioning organisation Grizedale Art. The Village Kiosk is a space for trade and discussion. It already exists at times in various places across our networks. Sometimes for trade, sometimes for discussion, sometimes for display, and always for rural/rural or rural/urban exchange and equipped with curiosity in further links and stories.

The Village Kiosk afternoon at 'Happening' has three parts. The setting up of a Village Kiosk shelf in NAI will be followed by the collaborative production of Product Catalogue at 16.00 hrs. To extend the product range of the Village Kiosk, you will be invited to suggest more items for the shop, and sketch them with us. The day will conclude in a round table discussion at 17.00 hrs with invited speaker and participants from the afternoon workshop. Drinks and village snacks will be served to round the afternoon off.

Alexandra Gaba-Van Dongen (Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum), Robert-Jan Muller (art historian & independent curator), Wapke Feenstra (, Kathrin Böhm (public works /, Andreas Lang (public works) and Emiliano Gandolfi (NAI)

Where & when?
Sunday 27 April, 16.00 hrs
Language: English
Entrance: free (excluding NAI entrance ticket)
  Thu 1 May 20.00 Networked Cultures - The Rotterdam Dialogues Debate/video Peter Mortenbock en Helge Mooshammer
Whether as a result of international politics, global economies, new technology or changes in the social composition of cities, networks are gaining more and more influence on how we think about, experience and arrange social and spatial organisation in the 21st century. This has drastic consequences for our culture of living together and for how we communicate. How we experience the physical space in which we live, and the way in which we arrange and design it, also change as a result. Cities, regions and larger spatially cohesive areas are no longer enclosed in physical territories. They are characterised by a contested and unstable topology and can be built up and implemented by networks of interactive realities.

Networked Cultures
The Networked Cultures project is an international platform of and for artists, architects, curators and theoreticians. The project endeavours to trace cultural changes arising from the possibilities and effects of the network in spatial practice. The participants concentrate their researches on art, architecture and urban practices that are based in contested areas. Key elements here are work that offers scope for different territories, and narratives that transcend the existing cultural, social and geographical boundaries.

During the months of May and June, public events on various locations all over the world will be linked with one another in a series under the title ‘Networked Dialogues’. ‘Networked Dialogues’ is organised by the curators Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer. These meetings will focus on the following themes: ‘Network Creativity’, ‘Contested Space’, ‘Trading Spaces’, and ‘Parallel Worlds’. ‘The Rotterdam Dialogues’ bring participants in the project into contact with a group of various local players. The speakers on this evening are: the curators Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer, Igor Dobricic (dramatist and theatre director, associated with the European Cultural Foundation), Sudeep Dasgupta (assistant professor of Media and Culture at Amsterdam University), and Lucia Babina (cultural entrepreneur in Rotterdam and co-founder and chairperson of the iStrike Foundation (2005).

The book 'Networked Cultures: Parallel Architectures and the Politics of Space' (NAi publishers) will be presented during this evening. The book is edited by Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer and contains essays and interviews by Irit Rogoff, Adrien Blackwell, Stefano Boeri, Igor Bobricic and others.

More information:

Where and when?
NAI Rotterdam
Gallery 1, in the framework of Happening
Thursday May 1, 20:00 hrs
  Fri 2 May 20.00 Space Time Play: Gaming in urban space New media V2
An evening dedicated to computer games, architecture, art activism and urbanism as theorized and practiced by artists, architects and game designers, organized by V2_ in cooperation with Workspace Unlimited.

Book Space Time Play
The starting point for the evening will be the book Space Time Play: Computer Games, Architecture and Urbanism: The Next Level, published in late 2007 by Birkhauser Verlag and edited by Friedrich von Borries, Steffen P. Walz and Matthias Böttger, who run the organization Raumtaktik, the “Agentur für räumliche Aufklärung und Intervention.”

At this event, a range of contemporary virtual and physical game spaces will be discussed and explored. These spaces offer options for social and cultural interaction in urban space and are often characterized by the superimposition of physical space (the city) and virtual space. Continuing from where the book Space Time Play and its themes leave off, the evening will cover topics ranging from gaming strategies of the Situationists to gaming strategies for social interaction in contemporary urban space. Artists, architects and activists will present projects and strategies for critical game design alongside theorists who will discuss the fundamentals on which such practice is based. You will be encouraged to play an active role in this event and explore the physical and virtual space-time-play dungeons of Rotterdam!

Matt Adams (UK), Mary Flanagan (US), Workspace Unlimited (BE), Steffen P. Walz (D) and Matthias Böttger (D), Petr Kazil (NL), Theodore Watson (US), Simon Jones (UK), The C-men (NL) with Jeroen Tel a.k.a. Maniacs of Noise (NL)

Where and when?
Friday 2 May, 20.00 hrs
Language: English
Entrance: free
  Sat 3 May 20.00 Urban game show Debat/performance Kaspori / van Heeswijk i.s.m. Oorwarmers
Rotterdam is a city that is being rejuvenated. Here, more than in other cities, the motto that the future belongs to young people rings true. But what do they think about the city? Does their picture match the vision developed by designers? The NAI will function for one evening as a podium for a light-hearted debate on the city between professionals and young people. Both groups will get to know one another better and will discuss the future of Rotterdam in the course of a game programme. The evening consists of a number of Rotterdam performances (music, spoken word, stand-up comedy) and a game show.

Urban game show is a part of Rotterdam Vakmanstad ( Vakmanstad/ Freehouse aims to create spaces where local entrepreneurs, young people and artists/designers can meet to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas. This exchange is intended to lead to a form of cultural production that can strengthen the economic position of those involved and visualise the cultural process of invention and implementation.

In collaboration with Kaspori / van Heeswijk and Oorwarmers

Saturday 3 May, 20.00 hrs
Language: Dutch
Admission: to be announced
  Sun 4 May 16.00 Singing chairs - Voices and stories from the city Closing happening iStrike
60 catchy stories concerning the city and multiple ways of living it will be narrated by storytellers in a 1-by-1 conversation with the audience. By choosing maximum 3 of the 60 intimate meetings with the storytellers, each visitor will have the chance to experience the multifaceted aspects of the urban realm, and to collect kaleidoscopic perspectives of looking at it. The common space of the live-performance will turn into a spectacular market of intertwining voices in which truth and fiction will make the chemistry of an enchantment.

In collaboration with iStrike and Lucia Babina

Where & when?
Sunday 4 May 2008, 16.00 hrs
Language: Dutch and English
Entrance: free